Collecting fine mineral specimen and rocks is an enjoyable hobby for us. The manifold of shapes and colors that many minerals exhibit have always provide a rich source of inspiration for us. On this web site we would like to share a bit of our enthusiasm and knowledge with others interested in rocks and minerals and gems. We show pictures of very interesting or beautiful pictures of specimen, in particular of our favorite minerals tourmaline and garnet. Both have in common that a variety of subgroups (Toumaline: Elbait (Verdelith, Inidgolith, Rubelit), Liddicoatit, Uvite, Schorl, etc; Garnet: Almandine, Spessartine (Spessartite), Pyrope, Rhodolit, Uvarovite, Andadite (Demantoide, Topazolit), Grossular (Tsavorite, Hessonite) Melanite etc.) exits and that they occur in a wide variety of colors.As our site improves we would like to introduce the reader into the chemistry and physics of these minerals, their properties, and what causes their wonderful colors. At this point in time we focus only on describing a limited number of minerals, because this is a hobby and writing takes a lot of time, as we try to be as accurate as possible. However, we can not rule out mistakes. We are always interested in your feedback and suggestions.

In our Gallery we show you some photographs of minerals from our collection as well as from the collections of our friends (with permission, of course). One (good) reason for that is to make pictures of mineral and gem  specimen from a variety of locations available on the net and to preserve them is this way for the public. Many minerals are used for cutting or industrial purposes and this way many wonderful specimen are lost. When visiting our gallery please keep in mind that size - of course - matters when it comes to mineral specimen, but it is not everything: You will also see a number of small minerals, which compensate their size by either color, aestetic appearance, or both. We hope you will enjoy looking at our mineral and gem specimens. The pictures, by the way, are of high resolution and can be freely used for printing and viewing for private or educational purposes.

After many years of collecting we are facing a situation probably known to other collectors as well, namely a growing collection that takes up a lot of space and time. Therefore, we are offering part of our collection, of the collection of some friends and family on this page for sale or exchange. Please note that - despite we use a professional camera system to take pictures of specimens - deviations in color may occur, since this always also depends on the color settings of a particular screen or printer used. Informations on ordering specimen can be found in the "For Sale" section.

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